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NEW PaintShop Pro 2022 Ultimate

Image editing program

Use powerful AI-powered features and impressive tools to add shine to your photos and create unique results.

Your digital world is brighter with PaintShop Pro 2022

Get the colors and shine you want! Whether with 1-click corrections or advanced image editing tools, you can achieve your goals faster with powerful AI and customizable tools. 

The ultimate photo editing collection

What's in it?

The PaintShop Pro 2022 Ultimate version contains all the functions of the Pro version as well as high-quality additional software and creative extras:

  • Painter® Essentials ™ 8 - Turn your photos into works of art with photo painting tools.
  • Corel® AfterShot ™ 3 - Benefit from an easy entry into professional RAW image processing.
  • PhotoMirage Express - Turn any picture into a fascinating animation.
  • Highlight Reel - With this new intelligent film creation program you can quickly create a compilation of the highlights of your last adventure.
  • MultiCam Capture Lite - This program allows you to record the screen and webcam at the same time.
  • Creative Collection - Dozens of brushes, textures, and royalty-free backgrounds.

NEW Highlight Reel

With Highlight Reel, a new intelligent movie creation program, you can quickly create a compilation of the highlights of your last adventure. All you have to do is import your photos and videos and Highlight Reel will analyze and extract the best parts for you to put together a video - following the beat of the music. It has never been easier to share everyday moments with others.

NEW MultiCam Capture Lite

With MultiCam Capture ™ Lite you can quickly secure the attention of your audience. With this easy-to-use recording program, you can easily create how-to, gaming videos, or record product demos.

NEW: Painter® Essentials ™ 8

This simple painting program for beginners invites you to experiment with digital painting. Paint and draw on a blank canvas with lifelike painting tools, or try your hand at exclusive image-based AI and clone art.

Sea-to-Sky ™ workspace

The 'Sea-to-Sky' workspace enables you to conquer new dimensions with your aerial and underwater photography. Make seamless corrections and creative enhancements with bespoke tools, and reminiscent of the most memorable moments.

PhotoMirage ™ Express

With PhotoMirage Express, you can turn any image into a fascinating animation in minutes. This program is super easy to bring to life and a lot of fun too. It is just as easy to then present the finished masterpieces on social media platforms. Use PhotoMirage Express to create fascinating photo animations that will captivate viewers.

Corel® AfterShot ™ 3

Corel AfterShot 3 enables a quick introduction to professional RAW image processing and simplifies the management of large photo collections. You can use it to make simple corrections and tweaks, as well as save a lot of time with batch processing tools by adjusting thousands of photos at once.

Corel® Creative Collection

Dozens of brushes and textures and over 100 license-free backgrounds expand your design options. Enrich your photo projects with playful designs, flowers and sunsets or sweeping brushstrokes, among other things.

A complete solution for image editing

Optimize photos with AI

Rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve your images with the click of a button and get the most out of every photo instantly.

Edit photos like a pro

You can edit, retouch and correct your photos with a comprehensive collection of tools suitable for all skill levels.

Create graphic designs

Use intuitive text tools, brushes, textures and patterns, and drawing and painting tools to create inspiring designs.

Choice of several work areas

Selection and customization are the focus of PaintShop Pro: The program offers several work areas that can be individually adapted in order to be able to work efficiently.

Powerful effects

Experiment with hundreds of creative filters and great effects to create, print and share your very own photos.

What's new in PaintShop Pro 2022

There is real intelligence behind every great picture. Highly effective functions and tools supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology make it possible to create something truly unique.

NEW frame tool

With the new frame tool, which accelerates the creation of digital layouts, grid objects can be placed in frames in a quick, easy and intuitive way. With a wide variety of frame shapes and sizes, you can quickly achieve the desired result. You can open frames to use them as placeholders or position frames over a selected object, image or text.

NEW AI background exchange

With powerful immersive technology, the background of an image can be removed automatically. The new AI background replacement feature recognizes people in photos to seamlessly replace the background. Experiment with different scenes, color schemes or create your own fantasy land.

NEW AI portrait mode

After an automatic analysis of the photo, a bokeh blur is applied to the background of the image to give the portrait photo a professional look.

Optimized AI style transfer

The AI style transfer offers new and advanced customization options. Even more artistic elements can now be applied to the images. The Color Matching and Image Smoothing sliders built into the Instant Effects panel are available in all workspaces. -NEW Image Smoothing You can control the level of detail and the degree of texture in your stylized images.

-NEW Color Matching This slider allows you to control and balance the colors in stylized images.

NEW file support

Open and edit iPhone photos saved in the High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIC).

Optimized welcome screen

The PaintShop Pro splash screen has been tweaked: it now has a helpful new workspace tab with built-in tutorials and learning content to help you learn the product. An improved design with new thumbnail previews for recently used files makes navigation and editing experience more intuitive, so you can focus on your pictures.

NEW Creative content

At the heart of PaintShop Pro is creativity. We have therefore expanded PaintShop Pro with new integrated brushes, color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture stamps.

Really. Intelligent. Creative.

With the innovative tools and features of PaintShop Pro, you get exactly the results you want

Powerful tools and functions for image editing

Rely on a versatile range of professional tools to get the most out of every shot.

Basic tools

Use composition tools like the golden ratio and the rule of thirds to crop areas of your photos to focus on another area. Resize your photos using presets, or choose a percentage, pixel or print size. Restore and repair old photos with the Defect Removal tool, and restore color and contrast in faded photos with the Correct Faded Color tool.

Customization tools

Use a variety of powerful adjustment tools to edit your photos. These include B. Brightness and Contrast, Fill Light and Clarity, Faded Color Correction, White Balance, Hue and Saturation, Noise Removal, Resonance, Sharpening, Color Correction, and Tone Levels and Curves.

Selection and correction tools

Isolate the area to be selected with various selection tools and refine the selection with the Refine Brush. Use lens correction tools to correct distortion, vignetting, and color deviations in your photos, and use the Straighten tool to correct a sloping horizon or the Perspective Corrector tool to make the photo appear to be taken from a different angle became.

Support for RAW, HDR and 360 ° cameras

Use the PaintShop Pro RAW editor to manage and save metadata in your RAW files and correct various problem areas, for example by restoring overexposed areas or adjusting shadows. Combine multiple, differently exposed shots of the same scene to create a unique HDR photo. Edit photos taken with a 360 ° camera: straighten photos by rotating them. Quickly remove the tripod from a photo or create an interesting "planet-like" effect.

Time-saving tools

You can use scripts to reduce repetition and speed up complex image processing. Capture a series of edits as a script that can then be applied to any photo at any time. Use batch editor to automate editing of multiple photos at once (like adding a watermark, framing, or resizing).

Impressive functions for graphic design

PaintShop Pro contains a wealth of creative tools for creative people.

Layers and Masks

Layers and masks are essential for advanced image editing, photo composition and graphic design. Use multiple, non-destructive layers to manipulate your images and create photo compositions with ease. Create masks to make parts of a layer visible or invisible, to insert fades between layers and to create precise special effects.

Text tools

Add text elements to your pictures to make interesting projects like memes and picture quotes. Adjust settings such as font, size, style, alignment, line spacing and kerning with a full set of typography tools.

Draw, paint and fill tools

Paint with the built-in brushes or import Adobe Photoshop brushes to bring your digital designs to life. Draw with vector illustration tools and use color palettes, gradients, patterns, and picture stamps to get more of your designs.

Templates and creative content

Access a variety of built-in templates for designing collages, greeting cards, social media images, web banners, brochures, business cards and much more.

Intelligent solutions

Discover new tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that can help you optimize your photos in seconds.

AI-powered tools

The new technologies in PaintShop Pro simplify complicated and time-consuming edits. Enlarge images without creating unwanted distortion with AI upsampling, remove artifacts and noise from your photos with a click of the mouse with AI artifact removal and AI denoise, and create stylized versions of your photos with the artistic effects of AI style transfer.

nhaltssensitive Tools

Use the Object Removal tool to remove flaws, objects, and annoying elements, or try content-based editing tools like SmartClone, Magic Move, and Magic Fill to automatically fill empty spaces. Use makeup and retouching tools to remove or smooth out red eyes, blemishes, and unwanted lines, whiten teeth, and even out skin tones.

1-click corrections and instant effects

Let 'One-Step Photo Fix' apply color and sharpness corrections, or use 'Smart Photo Fix' to fine-tune settings and create the perfect photo. Choose from hundreds of effects (including preset filters and 3D, art, light and reflection effects) to add a drop shadow or frame to your pictures, or to turn photos into sketches or paintings.

More tools and functions to discover

PaintShop Pro has everything you need to get started on all kinds of projects with ease.

System requirements:

  • Windows 10 (version 1903 or later with the latest service pack is recommended; 64-bit editions) *
  • For virtualizations: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019.
  • Intel® Celeron G series or AMD® Phenom II and higher (to support the AI functions, Intel® i5 or AMD® Ryzen series and higher is recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB is recommended to support the AI functions)
  • 3GB of available hard disk space (4GB is recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1366 x 768 (a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 100 dpi is recommended). Up to 250 dpi are supported on screens with the corresponding resolution.
  • DirectX 10 (or higher) compatible video adapter with the latest driver (a DirectX 12 compatible discrete VGA card is recommended for GPU acceleration)
  • Internet Explorer version 11 or higher with the latest updates
  • An internet connection is required for the online features and video tutorials.

Supported import formats AI, BMP, CAL, CALS, CGM, CLP, CUR, CUT, DCX, DIB, EMF, EPS, GIF, HDP, IFF, IMG, J2C, J2K, JIF, JP2, JPC, JPE, JPEG, JPG, JPS, JPX, MAC, MPO, MRW, MSP, PBM, PCD **, PCT, PCX, PDF, PGM, PIC, PICT, PNG, PNS, PPM, PS, PSD, PSP (PSP image files), RAS, RAW, RIF, RLE, SCT, SVG, SVGZ, TGA, TIF, UFO, WBM, WBMP, WDP, WEBP, WMF, WPG *** Support for RAW files from over 800 camera models, including the following file extensions: 3FR, ARW , CR2, CRW, DCR, DNG, K25, KDC, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2, SRF, X3F (show list of all models) Supported export formats BMP, CAL, CALS, CLP, CUT, DCX, DIB, EMF, EPS, AI, PS, GIF, GIF, HDP, WDP, IFF, IMG, JP2, J2C, J2K, JPC, JPX, JPG, JIF, JPE, JPEG, MAC, MSP, PBM, PCX, PGM, PIC, PPM, PNG, PSD, PSP (PSPIMAGE files), RAS, RAW, RIF, RIFF, RLE, SCT, CT, JPS, PNS, TGA, TGA, TIF , TIFF, WBMP, WBM, WEBP, WMF Brush formats PaintShop Pro brush (.pspbrush) Adobe Photoshop brush (.abr) Jasc brush (.jbr)

* The native 32-bit version of Windows is no longer supported. Use older versions of PaintShop Pro to support 32-bit drivers. ** Only supported by installations of the 32-bit version of PSP. *** WPG (WordPerfect Vector only) is not supported by 64-bit versions. WordPerfect Bitmap is supported by 64-bit versions.